New Laptop, new format, OH MY!

Well today I finally bit the bullet and decided to use this laptop to publish to my blog.  I miss the easy format that was built into my old laptop.  But this doesn’t seem too bad.  I’ll get used to it, I always do.

Today I started a new beef bone roast, half will end up as plain rich broth and the other half will be for canned onion soup.  Should be ready for the Pressure Canner on Monday or Tuesday, depending how nicely the colour comes along and richness.  Should be Monday, as I did add two shank steaks to the group and lots of marrow bones.

I’ll keep this one short as I still have to figure out how to put images into the text area here.  Ummmm.  I feel challenged.11011005_10153764690355616_8291036938378817270_n

I’ll keep you posted on the bone progress….

Thanks for visiting and your patience.


Butter Chicken with Naan.

Today was a very blustery cold day.  Tomorrow, we will see a high of –17 Celsius.  Perfect weather for having a slow cooker full of butter chicken sending warm vibes throughout he house all afternoon? 

I had made naan but one time before, with hummus.   You can see on an earlier post where I had learned to make hummus and naan in one day.  The naan I made before was so fun to learn to make.  We ate it with the hummus and following the next day, I had made a roast beef salad to roll into the left over naan for lunch.  Very different and quite yummy. 

Butter Chicken 009

Today, I decided I wanted to go more authentic with my hummus, so I made a scratch butter chicken. 

Butter Chicken 010

Butter Chicken 011

To accompany my butter chicken and rice with naan I did an almond garlic green bean.  I used my cast iron pan after I finished the naan.  Sauté butter, garlic and almond slivers in butter, add bread crumbs, continue to sauté until crumbs have browned a bit, add green beans, continue stirring until beans are coated and hot through.  When serving add freshly shaved parmesan.  

The following is my recipe for the butter chicken in the slow cooker:

Mix in an ingredients bowl: 3 tps tandoori masala, 3/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp curry powder, 1/4 tsp each of cinnamon, cumin, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, ground ginger and 1.5 tbsp ground garlic and cayenne pepper to taste I use about half teaspoon. (you can use fresh where ever you would like or can). Okay, in a large fry pan, put in 1/2 cup of unsalted butter, 3 tbsp of peanut oil, add one whole finely chopped onion cook tender, heat on medium until all is well blended. Now, whisk in 1 can of tomato paste cook until well blended. Next whisk in one can of coconut milk. Again blend and cook until well blended and sauce is beginning to meld. Now, whisk in a good quality sour cream 1 full container or two cups. Whisk again until…yes well blended and starting to thicken. Now, inhale. Get excited. Now blend in your spices….cook, thicken, inhale… Okay turn heat to low. Leave it alone. Take 3 enormous chicken breasts or 4 regular big ones and cut into nice chunks (not too small as you don’t want them to disappear) about 3 inches by 2. Lay your chunks in the heated slow cooker (did I say earlier to warm it up?) Now pour on your sauce…. Now let it go on high for about 2 hours and then turn to low for the rest of the day. Open a bottle of wine. Drink some wine while making fresh naan. A bout 45 mins before supper make your rice and beans. Do a happy dance.

And yes, the happy dance is mandatory. 

Click on the pics for the full zoom , use your back space to return to my place.  Hope you enjoyed your stay and any questions….just ask. 

Baked Agnolotti Stuffed with Ricotta.

We love homemade pasta.  There is nothing more tender and delightful.  Tonight I took the time to make the pasta for agnolotti with a ricotta stuffing.  Agnolottis is simply homemade pasta cut into large rounds about 4 inches in diameter, filled and folded in half.  So you have these cool looking half moon fat delicious pastas that are to die for. Nothing compares. 

My filling for these pastas is with a real traditional ricotta, 2 lbs. , one egg, a good tablespoon of dried powdered garlic, 1/4 tsp of cayenne, 1/2 tsp salt and 2 tbsp of dried parsley, all mixed well and dropped on the pasta rounds by about a tbsp each.  I brushed my pasta with warm water and used a fork to seal the half circles. 

I cooked my agnolotti after they are filled and sealed in salted rapid boiling water for about 6 minutes.  Drained.  Then put them in a baking dish that had olive oil on the bottom.  Then I very gently mixed in my favourite tomato meat sauce in.  I topped this with a good generous layer of mozzarella cheese (hand grated no pre-shredded wood coated crap).  Then I baked this at 400 degrees for about 20 to 30 minutes, until it bubbled and lightly browned.

001Just out of the oven.


This was perfect.  Absolutely perfect. 


I kept going with my pasta and filling until all was used.  Happy to say there was some left over.  I froze these on a cookie sheet then gently vac-packed them for a couple of future meals.  When vac-packing, pay attention and don’t let it crush them.  Hit the seal button manually. 

Hope you enjoyed your time here.  Any questions, just ask and don’t forget to click the pictures for the full view.  Hit the back button to return.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Did it! Hummus and Naan

For months I had dried chickpeas in the house.  For months I’ve been intending to make hummus.  I have a little grandson who loves hummus.  It’s one of those things for me, that even though I knew it was simple, I felt intimidated.  Well, yesterday, I jumped in with both feet. 

The hummus was a snap, until I realized I didn’t have any of the tahini sauce in the house that all hummus recipes called for.  Tahini sauce?  I had never heard of it.  So, off I went into the land of the interwebs to find out what tahini sauce was.  At first all I could find was that tahini sauce was very expensive and some people substituted peanut butter.  Ummmm.  Too easy. So I searched ‘homemade tahini’ and BAM!, there it was.  It was so amazingly simple.  Off I went to get my sesame seeds.  I made two cups of tahini sauce for about $3 which was just enough to put into my 8 cups of hummus.


Soak 4 cups of sorted rinsed dried chickpeas over night.  Drain, cover in clean water. Gently simmer chickpeas until nice and soft.  Drain.  Let cool a bit.  Put in food processor with two tbsp garlic, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp salt, 3 tbsp olive oil (to start).  Process on high stopping to scrap sides frequently.  You can add more olive oil if you need to if it’s too thick.


2 cups sesame seeds, toast them gently without burning either in the oven or in a heavy fry pan, I bought mine already toasted.  Put the seeds in your food processor.  Process on high adding olive oil until you get a nice consistency.

Mix tahini into the hummus.  Done.

Did it 016naan in my cast iron pan

Some very nice friends recommended I needed to have naan bread to go with this hummus.  They were right.  I have now learned to make homemade hummus and naan.  It’s been a good week.

Did it 021naan, chickpeas and hummus

Mushroom Mania.

I have been wanting to pressure can some mushrooms for quite some time.  I love adding mushrooms to so many recipes.  I mean, what isn’t good with mushrooms?  I try to keep some fresh mushrooms in the house, but when I go to use them they are either all gone or turning bad on me.  Sometimes they turn very quickly.  So, I wanted to can some fresh Ontario mushrooms and that is what I’ve done.  One of our local grocery stores had beautiful fresh local mushrooms at a really good sale price, so I jumped in the car and after making the employee go to the back and get me the freshest ones there…I went home with a total of 12 pounds! <they actually cut me off at the two cases Winking smile

'shrooms 005

Before I get to my lovely home canned mushrooms, I want to talk stems.   I wanted my mushrooms to look nice in the jars so I removed all or most of the stems.  When I finished washing and trimming my mushrooms I realized I had an easy two pounds of mushroom stems and pieces left over.  ~waste not, want not’~ right?

'shrooms 010

After filling my canning jars I had not quite a pint left over of mushrooms.  I had saved some of the lovely juices from the 10 minute boil in my canning recipe.  I added to this in the stock pot all of these wonderful stems.  I then added a good half cup or more of butter and a healthy cup of chopped onions.  I cooked this all down and added fresh pepper and a bit of salt.  As it got thicker and creamy all on it’s own, I added a quart of my home canned chicken broth and using my emersion blender made it all nice and smooth.  I then added some half and half cream and some milk and let it continue to thicken with a low heat.

'shrooms 012

So, what do I do with about 4 quarts of creamy, dreamy fresh mushroom soup?  I 1 two-thirds filled pint mason jars with the hot goodness and added spoons and took them to my employees, stopped production and got to see them enjoy this treat.  I had remembered that we had real mushroom lovers out there.  One of which is my aunt, who used to when she was a child have a family run mushroom farm is absolutely crazy about mushrooms. 

'shrooms 013'shrooms 014'shrooms 017'shrooms 015So here are the pictures of my lovely ***canned mushrooms.  They turned out absolutely perfect and I know I will enjoy always having them when I need them.  Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoyed what I have to offer. (click the pics for a close up view)

***I also have to say, that these were pressure canned and all safety guidelines were strictly adhered to.  They were washed, dipped in water and lemon juice (to keep colour nice), rinsed, trimmed, rinsed, put into a deep clean stock pot covered with clean water, boiled for 10 minutes, drained (held back some of this water for soup), packed in clean jars, each jar then had clean boiling water added to 1 inch head space, air taken out, rims of jars cleaned with a clean cloth dampened with vinegar, lids placed and and in the canner with canner lid shut, vented for 10 minutes, then weighted, brought to pressure and timed for 45 minutes.  *** HOME CANNING IS THE WAY TO GO, BUT PLEASE DO IT SAFELY.