It’s always hard to decide what to put in the ‘About’ page. Where do I start and how do I end. Well, I’ll keep it simple and short. We are Belgian Endive and White asparagus farmers in southern Ontario. We have two kids, Erin who is a school teacher, happily married and just gave us our first grandchild, Sam. Then we have Martin who is younger, 22 and still at home and trying to decide what he wants to do with his life. He works for us on the farm, currently. I love to cook. Since Peter’s heart attack three years ago (2010), we try to avoid all processed foods and I bake all of our bread and scratch cook. WE are not ‘anal’ about it, as we do enjoy a good meal in a great restaurant but by the same token we are careful and I’m trying to learn every day as to what is really good for us, and what isn’t. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Leasa, Tracked you down via Google to let you know that a new series of ‘Doc Martin’ started on television last evening with Martin and Louisa starting therapy!! Really enjoyed meeting you and Peter at ‘A Garden View’ in Charlottetown. Hope all is well with you … and …..that you receive this! Valerie (29/09/15)

    • Hello Valerie!! I am so glad you found me! Got to love that google! Thanks for the heads up on Doc Martin, I’ve actually started watching the show on Netflix again starting over at the first episode. I did in fact get 6 episodes on Netflix, of which I’ve watched them all. Hope you are both well and getting over your jetlag. You can email me direct at jpsi@xplornet.com or find me on facebook as well. Leasa Ryan Janssen. It was so nice meeting you, I’m amazed at how well we connected! Leasa

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