Another Canning Season Winding Down. 2020

Tucked around my baking station, are my two large capacity pressure canners and my two large water bath canners. In the corner sits all my supplies, lids, rings, filling cup, ladle, magnet and everything I need for canning. The top of my large butcher block baking station has clean jars covered waiting for their turn to be filled.

I’ve had tomato splatter on my windows, walls, ceilings and floors. By the end of a good canning day I can feel my feet stick to my kitchen floor, especially on a corn day. Most of a canning day is spent cleaning. Cleaning before canning, during canning and after canning.

I’ve tried to cut the number of hours of straight canning as best I can because a 10 hour day of it is pushing it for this ‘mature’ lady.

But I love it. I love everything about it. I love bringing that garden in and when I need to buying all local product to go into my glass jars. I love the cleanliness of the product, the control and the cost. A 500 ml jar of for example; green beans costs me less than 10 cents.

If you decide to become a home canner, do some reading and stay away from ‘but my granny did it like this’ facebook pages. Go to Bernardin, Ball or the the National Center for Home Food Preservation to learn how to do it safely.

I put up between 400 and 600 jars a year. Next I’ll be canning some squash for later on this winter and when the canning ‘season’ is over I’ll be doing more bone broth and chicken broth.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Here are a few pictures of my work and thanks for dropping by!!

green beans
tomato sauce
60 lbs tomatoes for ‘spaghetti sauce and meat’ day
chili sauce
crushed tomatoes
bread and butter pickles
sandwich sweet slicers
roasted tomatoes for sauce

I’ve also done chili con carne, salsa (very hot), carrots….and, just for good measure, I’ve filled one freezer too. Winter is coming…