Home Made Cooked Dog Food

Hello! I thought it was time for me to share my balanced home made dog food. This recipe took me years to balance, but the healthy results are worth it. This entry is dedicated to my beloved Sandy (RIP 2012) who had so many inherent health issues she needed this diet to fight the good fight. She made 12 years!!

Balanced home made dog Food

It took me a long time to get a balanced food, calcium is a hard one. Too little or too much is very bad. I would not recommend a home made diet of any kind for puppies up to a year old as the calcium balance is crucial. The best puppy diet is Wellness for puppy canned with Touch of the Wild puppy kibble. I worked hand in hand with my vet and her office to get this balanced.


12 lbs lean ground beef (I buy it on special and load up the freezer, usually under $4 per lb) If your dog does not have allergies you can mix this meat with chicken and add a small amount of beef liver (too much liver is not good)

3 kilo frozen mixed vegetables, or a mix of peas and carrots, sweet potato etc.

2 liters of long grain brown rice

8 eggs

3 liters total of water/beef broth mix (about 1-liter unsalted beef broth you can buy in the grocery store on sale, $2) That’s 3 liters total liquid.

8 tablespoons ground eggshell (save all your eggshells, dry them and grind them, I use my blender.

8 scoops Hilory’s Blend Supplement for home made meals (ask your vets office for it)

Cook beef in a very large pot, 24 quart at least. Or make half the recipe in a smaller stock pot.  Drain the fat off, with ground beef, even lean there’s still a bit too much fat. Put the beef back in the pot and add the liquid, break the beef up so you don’t have big chunks. Whisk the eggs and add stirring in. Add the eggshell and supplement, stir it in. Add the frozen veggies. Turn the heat up to medium when the veggies have thawed, stir them in. When the mixture almost boils put the rice on top. And pat into the liquid. Slowly stir it through. When this starts to boil, turn heat down to low and stir occasionally until rice has absorbed the liquid. Stir OFTEN as it will stick on the bottom if you don’t.

Let cool to warm, stir often as this volume will be slow to cool. I put it in 2 liter peanut butter containers and put it in the spare fridge.

You can make this in any amount by halving, or even quartering the recipe.