Canning Season full Tilt

This is just a quick reminder to all my friends who love to can. Please please be safe. I know many people do open kettle canning and have never had a problem, but seriously, it only takes that one single time to end a life or cripple the people you love.

Botulism is REAL and happens a lot more often than you think. Low acid foods must be canned with a pressure canner according to recipes or instructions from Bernardin, Ball or the guidelines.

Pressure canning seems scary at first. The new canners are perfectly safe to use and easy once you get used to them. If you follow the instructions you’ll be fine and your family will be safe. The following is an actual picture that one of my safe canning groups posted of a lady who got botulism from her home canned green beans. I know in your granny’s day they used to open kettle can all the time and as far as you know, it was fine. But aside from botulism there are also all kinds of other nasty bugs that can harbour in improperly canned materials. From those you get diarrhea, vomiting, pain and sometimes even death. They used to have different names for this in your granny’s time never associating it with canning.

Even high acids like tomatoes, jams all foods must be at least water bathed and again ALL LOW ACIDS must be pressure canned.

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