New Face Book Page!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that we have a new Face Book page! Just search Janssen Produce and Specialties! Like us so you will get up to date info on our products.

The white asparagus season will be winding down this week. It’s been a very brisk busy season so far. The cooler weather and rain made it a challenge to keep up with demand but we managed. The quality is excellent!

I will be getting back to my recipes here soon, so stay tuned. Next up will be garlic!

Thank you for stopping by, much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “New Face Book Page!

  1. Hi Leasa

    Good to hear from you, congrats on your new FB page! We got back from Germany ( and a lot of asparagus) and we were hoping to catch the back end of the season! Can we please pick up a box of firsts and a box of the broken ones?! Friday, June 21. would be a perfect day for us to take the ride out to Simcoe, if that suits you. Please let me know, I bet the season was stressful, 🙏 summer kinda missed the boat!? We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 21., the First day of summer!! Barbara und Bodo Eichhorn

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