New Laptop, new format, OH MY!

Well today I finally bit the bullet and decided to use this laptop to publish to my blog.  I miss the easy format that was built into my old laptop.  But this doesn’t seem too bad.  I’ll get used to it, I always do.

Today I started a new beef bone roast, half will end up as plain rich broth and the other half will be for canned onion soup.  Should be ready for the Pressure Canner on Monday or Tuesday, depending how nicely the colour comes along and richness.  Should be Monday, as I did add two shank steaks to the group and lots of marrow bones.

I’ll keep this one short as I still have to figure out how to put images into the text area here.  Ummmm.  I feel challenged.11011005_10153764690355616_8291036938378817270_n

I’ll keep you posted on the bone progress….

Thanks for visiting and your patience.


2 thoughts on “New Laptop, new format, OH MY!

  1. Hi Leasa,
    Have you tried making your stock or broth in the pressure cooker? I always make my stock in the pressure cooker…so much faster. Just put your meat, bones, carrots, onion, parsley and cerleriac with salt and pepper in the pot and fill with water until fill line and in max. 20 min. you have the best stock! I also cook stoups in there…love them in the winter time. Goulasch, stews, ribs, are great too. My chicken soup is always made in the pressure cooker. Put the whole chicken in with your spices and fill with water and voila in 20 minutes it is tender and the broth is amazing. then I clean the meat from the bones. In a nother bigpot I bring the chiecken broth to a boil and add my noodles and frozen peas and carrots. When all is tender I add the meat and we have soul food again!
    Thanks for all the receiptes.

    • Yes, it’s amazing how easy real home made soup actually is! I do a lot in my pressure cooker, but have not done my broths in it. I like the idea of the two day cook down to bring the marrow out of the bones and perhaps even get some real gel out of it. These are what makes the broths so good for your immune system. Plus, the house smells like heaven when the bones are cooking down….and that’s a bonus!

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