Pressure = Pleasure

What a day!  I had no water all day until 6 pm tonight.  We had to wait all day for the repair people to fix our pump.  But, this is where pressure canning and pressure cooking comes in sooooo handy!  Tonight for supper I did an amazing lasagna in my pressure cooker.  I used my pressure canned meat sauce as the base and added a quart of my home canned whole tomatoes. 

so fast 001

I put my water bathed tomatoes into the bottom of my pressure cooker, added two pint jars of my pressure canned  meat sauce, added 10 packaged lasagna noodles broken in thirds.  I made sure that the noodles were under liquid and I added about 1/2 cup water to do this.

so fast 003

I started my pressure cooker and when it came to pressure at 5 lbs. I timed out 6 minutes, did a quick release and opened the cooker….oh yeah coming along.  I then made sure my noodles were tender and now I added 1 small can of tomato pasted, stirred it in.  Okay, now one small step to go… I put all this into an oven safe open dish and put a nice amount of freshly grated mozzarella cheese on top, and I set it under my broiler until the cheese was just starting to brown and was bubbly.  Okay…no exaggeration….this was GREAT!!!   No running water needed, a wholesome meal and about 20 minutes invested.  I love being ‘UNDER PRESSURE’! 

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