Habitant Soup

Today was a good day.  I pressure canned 16 pint jars of Habitant soup.  Of course I used a tested and safe recipe from Bernardin/Ball.   I did the taste test before processing, and yes, it hit the mark, a great recipe!

Habitant 003

These jars are still internally boiling.  You can see the thickness of the peas is on the bottom of the jars and the water is on the top.  This is actually a good thing.  I know now that it won’t be too thick nor too thin.  There’s a good mix of water to peas. As I continue to look at my jars, they are still boiling and as they cool the water is mixing nicely with the peas.  Perfect.

Habitant 004

Now we can have home made pea soup any time we want.  It will be nice to open a jar on my bread baking days.  Fresh bread slathered in real butter and a hot bowl of Habitant soup.  Lunch anyone?

Pressure = Pleasure

What a day!  I had no water all day until 6 pm tonight.  We had to wait all day for the repair people to fix our pump.  But, this is where pressure canning and pressure cooking comes in sooooo handy!  Tonight for supper I did an amazing lasagna in my pressure cooker.  I used my pressure canned meat sauce as the base and added a quart of my home canned whole tomatoes. 

so fast 001

I put my water bathed tomatoes into the bottom of my pressure cooker, added two pint jars of my pressure canned  meat sauce, added 10 packaged lasagna noodles broken in thirds.  I made sure that the noodles were under liquid and I added about 1/2 cup water to do this.

so fast 003

I started my pressure cooker and when it came to pressure at 5 lbs. I timed out 6 minutes, did a quick release and opened the cooker….oh yeah coming along.  I then made sure my noodles were tender and now I added 1 small can of tomato pasted, stirred it in.  Okay, now one small step to go… I put all this into an oven safe open dish and put a nice amount of freshly grated mozzarella cheese on top, and I set it under my broiler until the cheese was just starting to brown and was bubbly.  Okay…no exaggeration….this was GREAT!!!   No running water needed, a wholesome meal and about 20 minutes invested.  I love being ‘UNDER PRESSURE’! 

An Apple a Day….

This is what 13 lbs. of fresh Ontario apples looks like…after I get through with it.  Normally when I make applesauce it’s in small amounts as my meal planning calls for.  There have been many times though, when I’ve had a nice pork roast or pork chops and wished I had apples to make sauce.  So, I decided to can some.  I bought a handy tool to go with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and this made the process so much easier.  No peeling, no coring, just washing cutting and cooking it down to soften the apples.

After filling my large stock pot with my washed apples and half a cup of water, I let them cook down for about 45 minutes, stirring frequently so they didn’t stick or scorch.  Then I spooned them into the Kitchen Aid vegetable strainer and it removed all the seeds and peeling and left me with a wonderful bodied applesauce!  I returned this sauce to a clean stock pot and brought it to a boil again, I did add a little sugar as they were quite tart and of course some cinnamon.  I filled my clean jars, removed the air and followed safe canning guidelines.  I boil water bathed them for 20 minutes and made sure they sealed.

Everything 328

I love the colour you get when you can leave the peel on while they soften and cook down.  They say the best part is the peel so I feel good about getting those nutrients out and into my sauce.

Everything 325

This will be such a handy treat to always have sauce on hand.  Click the pictures to enlarge.  Thanks for visiting my blog!!