Boston Style Beans! (Pressure Canned!)

Okay, I am becoming a canning addict.  This is my first foray into the world of canning beans.  There are so many variations that I want to try them all.  This one after reviewing all the safe canning rules I came up with to give the tangy sweetness of Boston beans with a bit of a zip.  I only did a small batch to learn the skills of canning beans.

Beans! 001

I did all the usual safety tasks of canning and here is the basics of this recipe.   This sauce contains 1.5 cups brown sugar, 1 cup molasses, 1.5 tsp dry mustard, 1.5 tsp black pepper, 3 cups ketchup,  1.5 tsp salt.  I brought it to a full boil and reduced the heat.

Beans! 003

After an over night soak and 3 hours of cooking on the stove, I drained my beans saving the liquid in a clean bowl.  I then put the beans back in the stock pot and added the above sauce.  I brought this back to a boil then turned the heat right to low, stirring frequently.

Beans! 007

I then ladled the bean mixture into my jars, filling 3/4 full.  I then added the saved bean water to bring the level to 1 inch from top of jar.  Cleaned my jar tops and put the tops on.   I am also trying out some of my new Tattler tops.  I then put them in my pressure canner, vented for 10 minutes at full steam, then at 10 lbs pressure processed for 65 minutes.  Beans must be Pressure Canned to be safe.

Beans! 008

Beans! 011

The beans are still boiling here in these pictures and just now I am hearing the snap snap snap of the jars sealing….music to my ears.  I think the beans look great, nice and saucy.  I know they will taste great as this is the sauce I use when baking my beans.  I just wish now I would have doubled this batch.  I’m so happy!!  (click the pics to get a good look! use your back button to return)

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