New Beef Broth.

Right now my house smells in credible.  It’s amazing when you make your own beef broth for pressure canning, how fast you go through it.  Beef broth lately has been recently labeled as a new health food.  I could have told them that years ago.  Boosts the immune system and gets things firing on all cylinders. 

new beef broth started 003

So in the oven I have slow roasting a wonderful mix of raw bones with a couple of shank steaks tossed in for good measure.  I have knuckles and legs and joints with lots of marrow that will melt into wonderful beefy goodness.  Added in of course is lots of chunky onion, carrot and celery and oodles of fresh black pepper.

new beef broth started 004

While the raw bones are roasting I have my frozen treasure of saved bones from the summer.  Porterhouse bones, t-bone bones frozen right off of the summer bbq grill and of course my lovely, lovely Prime Rib bones.

new beef broth started 005

These pre-cooked bones go right into my big pots for a all day simmer, later on in the afternoon my roasting pan ingredients will join them along with my garlic, spices and boiled roast pan drippings.

new beef broth started 006

This will simmer all day, cool over night in the basement refrigerator.  Tomorrow I’ll skim the fat (which I save for cooking and frying) and bring it all to a pleasant boil for my home canning.  I hope to get a good 12 quart jars…maybe more if I’m lucky.

Did I say how wonderful it smells in here?  I’m so hungry.  Click the pics to enlarge, use your back button to return.  Thank you for stopping in.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.

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