What I Did for My Summer Vacation

Farm women have so much fun!  When we aren’t cutting grass, or weeding the garden, or planting the garden, or harvesting the garden, or cooking the meals, or hanging out the laundry or ironing said laundry, or helping out when needed, or weeding the flowers, or cleaning the pond, or changing the kitty litter, or doing the books….we are canning and freezing and freezing and canning. 

My Summer Holiday. ;) 002

In both pantries I have about 300 jars of various goodies.  From chicken broth to green beans and lots of fresh corn and everything in between.

My Summer Holiday. ;) 006

And then there’s the freezers.  Eggplant and peppers and carrots and onions and beet greens and kale and and and….all full to the top and waiting for the snow to blow. 

Next week I think I’ll can my beef broth and on it goes…..oh and maybe freeze some apple pies. 

Okay, I’m tired.  Time to rest as tomorrow is a brand new day.  Don’t forget to click the pictures to have a good look.  ~Leasa

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