All Day Vegetable Soup… in about 30 minutes.

This soup tastes like it simmered all day long.  The flavours are so matured together, so melded when you eat it you think, oh yes the old fashioned vegetable soup that grandma took all day to make.  Stop.  This soup took about 30 minutes, start to finish.  (I later added some nice cooked sea shell pasta for my grandson Sam)  This soup is pressure cooked, and this is just one reason why I would highly recommend any busy person to invest in a pressure cooker. 

Let’s start:

In the bottom of your cooker heat some peanut oil and butter.  Chop two stalks of celery, one good sized onion, two large potatoes, some green sweet pepper, a couple of carrots or one large one and I threw in some fresh spinach for good measure.  (here is where you can add any veggie you love, I want to try it with some chunks of turnip next)

Sauté your veggies until the celery is limp and potatoes have started to brown a bit.  Now, add two cups of chopped up stewed tomatoes and one liter of beef broth.  If you use salted beef broth do not add more salt!  Stir and….

September yums 021

….add two tablespoons chopped garlic. a good healthy splash of Worcestershire sauce, add a good dose of black pepper and one heaping tablespoon of dried basil and I put in a teaspoon of fresh chopped cilantro and two tablespoons of fresh chopped oregano.  Oh an throw in a small can of paste tomato.  Now, stir it all together.

September yums 023

September yums 024

Close lid on cooker.  Cook on high, 6 minutes after it reaches pressure.  Quick cool your cooker either with cold water or a pressure release valve if you have one.  Open and add more salt if you feel it needs it.   Enjoy!  Delicious and don’t worry about left overs as it only improves with time. 

Click the pics to enjoy….

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