Just Beet It. Seriously.

Today was a long day.  This morning we were completely out of bread so my day started by baking four loaves.  I never tire of the wonderful smell of baking bread.  Then, after making breakfast, baking the bread and doing all those dishes it was off to the garden! 

Beet it 001

I harvested half my beets for straight outright canning.  I so look forward to these sweet treats when the snow is blowing and I’m making borscht, or doing them up as a side with harvard sauce, or just warming them with butter and pepper.  This made for a long day, and my feet are sure tired.  But so well worth the effort.

Beet it 002

While harvesting I saved the nicest beet greens, and while my beets were cooking tender so I could peel and slice them, I triple washed and blanched my beet greens.

Beet it 003

Beet it 004

I then took my blanched beet greens and squished the excess water out, formed them into meal sized mounds and froze them solid.

Beet it 006

Beet it 007

After they were frozen I could vac-pac them so they stay harvest fresh all winter long.

Beet it 009

Of course during all this time, I was also peeling and slicing my cooked beets and making them ready for the pressure canner.   I just finished now at 6:45 pm processing 16 wonderful pint jars.  Tomorrow, I will harvest the rest of my beets and pickle them.  My feet say booo, but my heart and head can’t wait.  So love this life.  ❤

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