creamed white and green asparagus on toasted garlic rounds.

When I get it right, it’s like …ohhhh yeaaaah…. feels and tastes oh so good.

Lately I’ve been thinking about Mom’s creamed peas and salmon on toast.  She rarely made it, but for me, it was delicious!  So, tonight when I was finishing my walk with my dogs, Kizzy and Bo, I came around by our white asparagus field and decided I wanted something ‘different’ for supper, something ‘new’.  So, I walked down the last row of white asparagus, breaking off tips and on my other side was the part row Peter grew out as our green (just to please me).  I broke off some green ones as well.  I had a good bundle of white tips and green fresh stalks.  I decided to cream them and make an appetizer.  How weird is that?

creamed 012

First I took my fresh white bread and used my large cutter to make the circles in slices.   I put these on a foil lined baking sheet.  I then lightly covered each side with olive oil and generously sprinkled garlic powder on the up side.  Then I set this aside.

Next I cleaned my green asparagus and chopped it into smaller pieces.  I then peeled my white asparagus tips and rinsed them.  Then I put them into a sauce pot with just enough water to cover them.  I gently boiled them until tender and flavour could leach out into the water.  I let the water reduce gently being very careful not to let it scorch.  Then I put in 1/4 cup of unsalted butter, melted it and gently stirred it throughout.  In a separate cup I put two tablespoons of all purpose flour into 1/2 cup of heavy cream and mixed well until it was smooth without lumps. 

I then gently stirred this into my asparagus and turned it up to a gentle boil. I let it get nice and thick.  Now I seasoned with sea salt and pepper to taste.  Be very patient with seasoning, a bit at a time, taste, season…taste.

creamed 013

I then put my garlic circles under the broiler until they were nice and toasty.

creamed 016

I then spooned the creamed asparagus on the rounds while fresh and hot and served as an appetizer.  OMG.  I have a real hit….so good.  Click the pics….

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