Too much Merlot? Make butter.

This is a little fun decadent idea I pick up when we went for our Jackson Triggs meal and tour.  After our party last week I had two opened bottles of merlot and even though occasionally I drink red wine, it’s not my favourite and I lean toward the (nummy) white ones.  I asked the chef how to make that delicious butter and even though I didn’t get measures from him, here is my first try:

to do done list 007

Reduce 1.5 cups merlot, gentle boil until there was about 4 teaspoons left. (hindsight, use 3 cups and reduce to 6 tsp)

to do done list 008

I used an unsalted butter (hindsight, use salted)  1/4 lb softened and whipped it with 2 tsp. of the merlot reduct (hindsight use 3 tsp.)

to do done list 009

Whip it good!

to do done list 010

Very creamy and I did get a hint of merlot taste but not strong enough to say Wow!  Merlot!  (see hindsights) I have to admit, the colour is so unusual it on it’s own has that wow factor that gives the entire meal that special touch. 

to do done list 014

to do done list 016

Just to up it a bit more, I used my pastry bag to make it into rose buds and am now freezing them.  When I want to give that something special, I will sit a piece of fresh french bread on your side plate with it’s own little rose bud butter.  Winking smile   Don’t forget to click for the full effect. 

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