Cornish Game Hens

This is a meal I’ve been wanting to try ever since it was served to us about a year ago at The Old School House Restaurant that on Power Line Road near Brantford Ontario.  I’m glad I did as it’s not as fussy or difficult as I had feared.  But was relatively easy and very tender and tasty!

Cornish Game Hens 001

The outside of the hens were rubbed with olive oil and then a rub of crushed garlic, onion powder, rubbed sage, rosemary and sea salt.  (easy on the sea salt as it’s more powerful than regular, 1/2 tsp)

Cornish Game Hens 004

As I would have for my crackle chicken I put the hens on a bed of onion and carrots that act as a natural edible rack.  I stuffed the birds with onion powder, feta cheese, spinach and artichoke heart.  I could have used a bit more feta as the stuffing could have been creamier.  I wonder if a simple cream cheese should have been added?

Cornish Game Hens 007

Cornish Game Hens 009

Since they are little birds, one hour at 400 degrees and they were done.  I probed them to be sure they were at 165 degrees. 

Cornish Game Hens 008

My sides I have to say were absolutely perfect.  I freeze all left over home made pasta and I had a nice mix of rough cut left over and some spinach pasta.  I boiled them in salted water until tender, about 6 minutes.  Then I made a mushroom, wine reduct , fresh garlic alfredo sauce.  The vegetable was a green bean sauté with garlic, parmesan, almond slivers and bread crumb butter.

A very fun, tasty, meal to remember.   Remember click the pics to get the full effect and if you have any questions, please ask! 

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