The Simple things…are often the best.

Boy, does this one ever take me back.  Good old cooked cabbage.  Simple.  Boiled, a little butter, salt and pepper and there you have it.  One 89 gram serving is 54% of the vitamin A you need for an entire day.  Cabbage is rich in fiber, filling and just plain good for you.  Tonight, I walked my dogs for longer than I planned so I needed a quick yet filling, delicious meal.  My mom used to cook cabbage often when we were little and I have been thinking of her so much lately.  Missing her, wishing I still had her here with me.  Cooked cabbage.  How perfect.  It was just my husband Peter and I for supper tonight, so I peeled two potatoes, opened a can of corn, wedged a small left over head of cabbage and boiled it until soft.  In my fry pan I cooked four VG farmer’s sausage and there we had it…a filling, healthy, old fashioned supper.  On the side we had prepared mustard and of course our usual salad.  Just what we needed today.  Thanks Mom.

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