Pressure canning….so glad I did.

One of the best pieces of equipment I have in my kitchen has to be my pressure canner.  No more do I have to put my left over sauces in the freezer and watch the ice chips grow and the ‘freezer taste’ ruin them.  Yesterday morning I put on a meat sauce for a spaghetti dinner and let it simmer all day and built it’s goodness by melding all those flavours.  As usual, I had lots of left overs.  So out comes my pressure canner, I washed 5 – 500 ml jars and lids, loaded them with very hot sauce, lids in place and into the canner they go.  After the mandatory 10 minute vent, they come to pressure and get timed for one hour.  All sealed and beautiful, ready for me any time over the next two years.  Of course they don’t last that long.  Quick healthy lunches, sauce for a lasagna that is rich, home made and hearty, sauce for chicken parmesan or whatever else I can think of.  It’s there, no funny additives or preservatives….just home made and waiting.  Click he picture to get a good look.  Pressure canner…an investment I would recommend. 

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