This is my Refrigerator Soup or my ‘Everything Soup’.  It’s never made the exact same way twice.  I love this soup as every spoonful is different.  This is an excellent way to clean up ketchup bottles, bbq sauce bottles, veggies that have started to wilt, meat that needs to be used …any kind, absolutely any kind, nothing is ‘wrong’. 

soup's on! 001

This time I even threw in a hand full of frozen perogies!  I am over run with perogies right now as I had bought some and then one evening made a boat load.  This also has about 13 different kinds of beans (quick presoak method), spinach, grated cabbage, carrots, onions, chopped celery…and on an on it goes. 

We took the girls (our fur babies) for a nice winter walk and it’s a lazy Sunday.  How nice it was coming home to this simmering on the stove.  A hunk of bread, a bit of butter and there’s supper.  SOUP’S ON!  Come on over….

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