Belgian Endive (witlof) Salad

I pulled the main idea from this salad from one of those chefs on the Food Channel.  This salad is absolutely delicious and such a nice break from the regular fair.  This salad will serve four people and requires two large heads of Ontario grown Belgian Endive.  Just trim the bottom as it will allow you to remove the leaves, rinse and spin dry.  Arrange the whole leaves in a salad bowl or even better yet, a rectangle or square plate.  Shave some fresh Havarti cheese and let it fall randomly on the leaves.  Sprinkle some honey baked praline nuts, about one for every two leaves.  Take a lemon or line and squeeze out the juice over the salad making sure you hit every leaf.  Next, drizzle some honey over the salad, again getting some on every leaf, but don’t over do it.  Enjoy!  The flavour will surprise you and you will love it.

Yum a lums 003

4 thoughts on “Belgian Endive (witlof) Salad

  1. Yes! Belgian Endive is often paired with many berries! You could toss in some fresh blueberries or I think raspberries would be so good on this. If you go with a sour berry just up the honey to balance it. YuM!

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