Dinner for my girls!

My girls are my dogs, Kizzy and Bo.  Several years ago, we had another older dog who was very ‘sickly’.  The vet thought she had cushings disease due to her blood enzyme levels were so out of whack.  Before they started meds though, I asked the vet to let me try one more thing, taking her off of all commercial food and making my own.  So this is what I did.  Within a couple of months, her levels went right back to normal.  Yet, she was on a high end very expensive food. To this day, I make all of our dog food.  I also found when you buy high end, making your own is about the same cost.

This and that 001

The recipe for two large and medium sized dogs, 9 days worth:

10 lbs ground chuck

4 lbs chicken breast alternate with 3 lbs chicken breast and 1 lb beef liver.

2 liters short brown rice (rinse)

3 kilos mixed vegetables

1 liter no salt beef broth

3 liters water

6 eggs

In a very large stock pot,  brown the 10 lbs of beef, stirring frequently to break it up.

Drain beef fat off using a metal colander and use a pot to catch grease (will plug your drain otherwise)

If your dog is over weight, using very hot water, rinse more fat off of your beef.

Put ALL ingredients into the stock pot.  Bring to a gentle boil, stirring frequently to stop rice from sticking to the bottom.  Reduce heat, stir occasionally until liquid has been absorbed by the rice.

They will love you for it and you will cut vet costs with this food.  Click the pic for yum effect, show your dog!  Winking smile

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