8 loaves, 1 day

That is a personal best for me.  The bread I promised family is now safely in my freezer sliced and ready for delivery!  I love baking on a cloudy cool day.  I love the feel of well kneaded dough and creating something from flour, oil or butter, a little sugar, yeast, eggs etc and knowing how pure and healthy my ingredients are.  In my brown bread, I used whole wheat bread flour and often I can find it bulk organic.  I also incorporate lots of ground flax, chia seed and use pure sugars unrefined like molasses, honey, pure cane syrup,  or course brown sugar.  I usually use a combination.  When not baking with butter, (daughter can’t have dairy or soy right now) I use a real pure quality olive oil. 

Saturday 006

My white bread is made with unbleached white flour, real butter, eggs, honey, pure cane syrup…  I have a few tummy issues that call for the soothing white breads and pasta.  Plus, the flavour is absolutely wonderful. 

Bread has been baked this way and has been a staple of humans for 1000’s of years.  It gives us energy and feeds our brains.  If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Enjoy!

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