Have a really great day!

Several weeks ago, I got the flu bug that was going around, the kind that attacks your throat, chest and sinuses all at once.  I got over the bug, but since I’m asthmatic the breathing part takes some time to recover.  Happy to say that today, I’m breathing clear and feeling the best I have in a long time. So, now it’s catch up time!  Today we had to run errands in the morning, and when I got home I really felt like doing some down home decadent cooking.  Nothing says this better than a cherry cheese cake right out of my very old trusted Fanny Farmer Cook Book.  I don’t add any variations or tweak this at all, it’s that good.  It is the kind that is done in order and baked.  This is Peter’s favourite dish.  I only make it a couple times a year to keep it special.

Yum 001

Yum 002

Then I decided that supper should be just as down home and hearty as our dessert will be.  So I did up my roast crackle chicken with stuffing!!!  The house smells wonderful

Yum 006

The rest of the week, will be the true ‘catch up’ that I was talking about.  Cleaning, laundry and of course my year end with the company is due and drastically needs my full attention!   Anyone want any recipes or instruction, just ask!  Don’t forget to click the pics!!

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