Sam’s Broth.

My Grandson is now 8 months old.  He has to be the happiest baby on earth.  No kidding.  You can take Sam shopping, out to supper, out to lunch and he will either sleep or smile his way through it all.  He’s only been with us for 8 months, but I cannot imagine life before Sam.  He is such a joy and his happiness is contagious.  Anyway, my daughter, Super Mom has been looking for a chicken broth to introduce Sam to meat protein and so far can find organic but none without salt.  Enter Oma and her pressure canner.  I made this broth for Sam from organic certified humane chicken.  I also canned the meat for when he’s ready.  No salt.  No chlorine.  No fluoride. No spice.  Just chicken and carrot.  Bon appetite Sam!!

Sam 004

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