My Old Friend

When in doubt, when you don’t know what to make for supper, when you are facing a week where you want meals to be easy, yet healthy and good, slow roast a nice sirloin tip.  The roast is  my old trusted friend that never lets me down.  I know for a good sized roast, the cost can seem intimidating, but if you are looking at the long haul,  it’s a very economical way to go (as is turkey and plump roasting chickens).  The first night with the slow-afternoon long roast, you get to enjoy pure and simple the roast itself with the potatoes and onions and of course the gravy!!  Yum! 

Day two.  Lunch is a nice roast beef salad sandwich or a hot roast beef with some of the left over gravy.  Fast, filling and fantastic!  I like to slice very thin lots of this left over roast and again…sloooow cook in the slow cooker with the gravy a little water, some nice green pepper, a half a cup or more of ketchup and just let it go.   I then toast some hamburger buns, make some fries and you have a nutritious meal with a fast food feel and all the great zingy taste.

Day three.  Thin slices in sandwiches with mustard for lunch and ohhhh la la, a good lot of beef for a quick stir fry for supper. 

And on it goes until every single bite is gone.  No waste and a real bang for your grocery buck.

Roasts, don’t let the initial price throw you…the mileage is incredible.

YuMmY 005

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