Surprisingly Organic.

We have an old apple tree.  It was given to me by my daughter at least 10 years ago.  It is a variety that they used to use over 100 years ago.  It never produced a ‘nice’ apple in all those years.  We essentially ignored this tree, except for cutting the grass around it.  Imagine my surprise when this year, she actually produced an abundance of usable apples!!  Talk about organic!  I decided to can the apples in pieces so I could use them as needed.  I can use them in a pie, or a crisp, or a sauce whatever I happen to need apples for.  It will be so nice to have quick already peeled apples at hand.  And the fact they are 100% organic is a bonus if my little grandson decides he likes apples!

today 003

I was worried that I would not be able to keep them from turning brown during the peeling and preparing.  I did a lemon juice wash and rinsed it off before I brought them to boil in plain water.  Worked great!

today 004

CANNED APPLES: INGREDIENTS: APPLES, WATER.  (water has no fluoride or chlorine)  How ORGANIC can you get?

today 007

Applesauce used for tonight’s pork roast!  Yummy!!

today 008

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