Pleasant Surprises!

Last spring Peter and I put in a small garden.  We were doing a lot of work on the house, but I bugged to get at least a little garden in.  I put it in and Peter helped hoe it a couple of times.  Well, we got so busy with the house and the plants didn’t look too healthy, so we stopped working on the garden and let the weeds take over.  Even so, I did get a good helping of green beans for the freezer, some beets canned and eaten and some nice fresh carrots. 

The tomatoes pooh-poohed out on us, decaying as they turned red for the most part and I only got about a bushel for my canning.  The rest I bought from a local farmer.

So, long story short:  I was in the grocery store looking at the green peppers because I am doing my chili sauce tomorrow.  (today I’m canning pizza sauce)  I remembered last week I saw a couple of small peppers on my plants in the garden so I decided to take the risk and not buy any in the store.

This afternoon I went to pick my couple of peppers…and this is what I got: enough for the whole winter’s cooking and more.  They are happily washed and in my freezer.  Should have bought a lottery ticket.  Oh, and that sad little garden has about 60 to 70 lbs of potatoes ready to be dug…. Smile

food and fun 010

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