I always challenge myself to see how much mileage I can get out of a good roast of beef, a plump juicy roasting chicken, a turkey or a ham/pork roast.  Yesterday, I roasted the most gorgeous chicken money could possibly buy.  Chicken pound for pound is not expensive, especially when you get a good sale.  It’s always better in my opinion to buy the whole chicken as apposed to parts.  This chicken for example is a gift that keeps on giving.  Not only did it provide a great supper last night and made our house smell fantastic, but right after supper I put the carcass (after cleaning off the meat) in the stock pot, covered it in water and let it simmer right until we went to bed.  I put it in the fridge over night, then continued the simmer most of the day today.  The broth is so rich in flavour, just wonderful!  Okay, so I took some of that broth, and cooked down some nice vegetables in it, with onion, garlic etc. etc. thickened, whipped up a fresh pie crust, added the seasonings…and bob’s your uncle, chicken pot pie.  Had to be the best we’ve ever had…so creamy…dreamy….delicious.  I made enough ‘filling’ that I had lots to spare for the freezer and it’s a great base for ‘Chicken a la King’ in the near future.

I also had lots of broth left over and I have about 8 cups frozen.

Tomorrow for lunch we will have left over chicken pot pie.  Looking forward to it already.

That single chicken sure is going a long, long way.  Oh, don’t forget to click on the pictures for the full yum effect!

Ohhhh Yeahhhh! 001

Ohhhh Yeahhhh! 002

Ohhhh Yeahhhh! 003

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