There is something about this time of year, that makes me happy.  I love my home and I love the feeling of snuggling in.  And, I absolutely love to make our home smell like a little bit of heaven.  With the cooler weather, cooking has been for me so therapeutic, so restive, so calming.  The first dish is a fall/winter standard in our home.  This is healthy eating yet the flavours would put anything McDonald’s or Wendy’s could possibly offer to shame.  On the bottom is a squash, either butternut or acorn will do, then the meat mixture, then the potatoes (green from being cooked with kale) and topped with extra old cheddar cheese.  Served with a little coleslaw and there’s always extra meat mixture…anyone want the recipe…let me know.  The second is a cinnamon sticky bun, still warm from the oven.  They were so fresh, soft and tender….a real treat for the family.  Again, recipe needed, just ask. 


This is a just taste of things to come.  Our cool weather is going to turn very hot in a couple of days…+30 degrees. 

Sticky n stuff 012

Sticky n stuff 019

3 thoughts on “Autumn…Home

  1. BTW you have got to click on the pics for the full yum effect. And, it should read: would put anything McDonald’s or Wendy’s could offer to shame. (Sometimes I get ahead of myself)

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