Fresh Dig in the garden.

Right now I have 12 jars of sunshine fresh carrots in the pressure canner cooling and two jars of beets.  First time out for the pressure canner and I’m so excited!  Imagine, carrots, garden fresh, ingredients:  carrots, water, sunshine and love.  MMMMMMM.

Under Pressure 008

3 thoughts on “Fresh Dig in the garden.

  1. I’ve never heard of canning carrots. I have a challenge for you, Leasa. I’d love a jar of antipasto. Sounds like you have all the makings in your garden!

  2. Interesting! I’ll have to research antipasto. Just google: Pressure canning carrots. The reason you probably haven’t heard too much about it is because you must have a pressure canner to can low acid vegetables or meat. Hot water bath, is only good for pickles or things that have high acid like tomatoes with lemon and salt. A pressure canner gets extremely hot for prolonged periods of time, so you can can just about anything.

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