Swedish Meatballs with Authentic Cream Sauce. ‘Oh, my!’

This is a recipe that I found and fitted to a pressure cooker.  It’s very authentic and has all the great flavour of Ike’s Swedish Meatballs, but has none of the questionable meats or additives.  Plus they are made fresh and has all those good qualities you’d expect from scratch.  The cream sauce recipe is perfect and I believe is the authentic sauce that was meant to be with these meatballs.  I peeled and boiled small potatoes to have ready for the platter with the meatballs, and I quickly put the sauce together in the bottom of the pressure cooker.  We had corn on the cob on the side.  Perfect.

August 27 001

And, there we have it.

This is my first pressure canning experience and it was a good one.  So much easier than I thought, so pure and so fresh!  All of the seals took no problem and the only ingredient other than the carrots or beets is water.  That’s it.  Pure, clean water.  I’m a happy camper.  Next, tomatoes and yes, ketchup!!! 

So pure 004

Fresh Dig in the garden.

Right now I have 12 jars of sunshine fresh carrots in the pressure canner cooling and two jars of beets.  First time out for the pressure canner and I’m so excited!  Imagine, carrots, garden fresh, ingredients:  carrots, water, sunshine and love.  MMMMMMM.

Under Pressure 008

Cherry pie and French bread.

What more can one want?  This is what went right today.  The rest of the day was of me klutzing around…dropping things, breaking things and over-flowing the deep fryer (moisture reaction).   We all have those days.  I’ve been too busy and not sleeping enough.  But, on the good side, my house smells WONDERFUL.  These days I’m either canning or baking.  On Monday I’m planning on putting some beets in jars, this will be the first time out for my new pressure canner.  Can’t wait!  Remember, any recipes…just ask. 



This morning I toyed around with pancake ideas and recipes.  On my last trip to the bulk store, I picked up some buckwheat flour.  I remember years ago, buckwheat pancake mix was readily available and there were some nice mixes.  This last 10 or 15 years, the standard mix for these pancakes disappeared from the shelves.  About two years ago, I did find one bagged mix, in a specialty area of the grocery store, terribly expensive and sadly it had a musty taste to it (old?).  So, after experimenting a bit, I came up with the homemade recipe that was truly a winner!  Nice and light, yet moist and that good old buckwheat flavour.  We had them with real maple syrup (only kind in my kitchen) and of course….sweet butter.  Awesome breaky!!


Best pancakes since EVER!

The Wedge.

Always looks elegant, sophisticated, yet is one of the most simplest salads to make.  Make cucumber curly-cues, slice peppers sideways, add tomato quarters or tiny tomatoes, top it with goat cheese and drizzle on your favourite dressing and there you  have it.  You can also dress down a wedge to nothing but the wedge of iceberg lettuce and a little goat cheese (super fast to add to lunch!)

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