Jaw dropping drooling good time!

As you know, I have fallen in love with my new pressure cooker.  I had to work for the company this am, and this afternoon I was busy putting clothes on the line on this beautiful summer day and I did my first canning for the season.  So there I was, already 6 pm and no supper on the go.  I took out the pressure canner, scanned a few recipes to make sure I had my times and all correct and I put my favourite meatballs together, peeled some fresh carrots, got some zucchini out of the garden and cut up 6 large mushrooms.  I took my meatballs rolled them in a bit of flour, browned them in peanut oil in the pressure cooker, removed them, put in 1/2 cup of rose’ wine, half cup of beef broth, added the carrots, mushrooms and zucchini, salt pepper, added the meat balls, closed the lid, brought the pressure up (five minutes) cooked for five minutes, quick cooled the cooker.  While all this was happening I had on a big pot of water and I cooked some linguini al dente’.  I removed the veggies and meat to a bed of linguine.  I then mixed a tablespoon of corn starch with water, and thickened the sauce in the cooker and poured it on (adding garlic powder and salt to taste).  So fast and sooooo delicious! 

July 26 2013 001

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