First attempt at PRESSURE COOKING!

Loved it!  Absolutely!  A  while back when I had posted about wanting a pressure canner a friend of mine mentioned that she had a pressure ‘cooker’ and she loved it.  I had no clue as to what it was, but she sure peeked my interest!  On the weekend I was at Canadian Tire and they had these ‘pressure cookers’ on sale, half price…so of course I picked one up.  So glad I did.

I cooked this entire chicken in 8 minutes and it was soooo tender, delicious!  I cooked it in a liquid (non-thickened wine, chicken broth and a tablespoon of curry) and it was done in 8 minutes.  8 minutes!  I thickened the sauce after cooking with butter, milk and a paste of flour and milk.  The cooker was a fantastic purchase.  Thank you Kathy!


I forgot the picture pre-dinner, this is all that was left.  Ooops.

pressure 001

3 thoughts on “First attempt at PRESSURE COOKING!

  1. Really 8 minutes? People like me who work all the time and have no time to cook could really use a tool to fast track home cooked meals. I’ve seen pressure cooker’s on cooking shows but never used one, I didn’t realize they could cook food that fast. Now I am going to get one! thanks Leasa!

  2. Yes Carol! Go to and search ‘pressure cooker recipes’ and you will see the cook times there. This chicken, cut up pieces, cooked for a total of 8 minutes and was perfect. The nice thing about the cooker also is that you can quick cool it under the faucet (you can’t mustn’t open them until they release the pressure). I then just thickened my sauce and there it was….a total of about 15 minutes and done.

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