FLLLLLOPPPPP! We all have ‘em!

I was thinking back to when I was a small child of 6 or 7 years old.  Things were different then.  My BBF and I used to go on walk-a-bouts.  We lived in Rattle Snake Harbour and would get it in our heads to walk to Nixon (a cool store used to be there) or Delhi (we never made it to Delhi).  Of course at our tender ages, we would decide we were hungry or thirsty and knock on doors asking for water…yes, or food.  One time, we were going to walk to Delhi and Deb’s little bother Rodney decided to tag along, he was 4 or 5 years old.  We walked probably all of 10 minutes and decided we were dying of hunger and of course we knocked on a door.  I remember it was a red brick house and an older woman answered and the wonderful smell coming from her house I’ll never forget.  When she answered we told her of our distress and we were invited in.  She gave us each a slice of a fresh jelly roll…in the center was whipped cream and a blueberry filling.  To this day…I remember how absolutely wonderful this cake was.

Today I tried to duplicate it…and although I almost made it…I had a horrendous FLOP!  The blueberry filling turned out nice, the whipped cream was delicious and I even found a new simple white cake recipe.  But, as you can see by the pictures, this ‘roll’ became a mixed up mess which is now in a bowl in the refrigerator.  My mistakes?

Even thought the cake was good, I should have used a sponge cake recipe, they roll without breaking.  White cake doesn’t!  Also, the receiving parchment paper should have been buttered and floured to prevent sticking. 

Lessons learned.  Next time….next time.

july 20 012

july 20 014

july 20 017

july 20 018

july 20 019

5 thoughts on “FLLLLLOPPPPP! We all have ‘em!

  1. I can’t believe you knocked on the doors of strangers and asked for food and water. today we would call CAS lol.

  2. I know Erin, I don’t think we even did that in the little village of Chepstow. Leasa, another trick is to roll the cake while it’s warm, let it cool, then unroll and add your filling. Never done it, but read it in a recipe.

  3. Also, Leasa, some of my best desserts look absolutely awful but taste great. Like my lemon merengue ‘pile’. A little sloppy coming out of the pan, okay a lot sloppy, but tastes great.

  4. Yes, Betty, I have since read up on the roll…and you are right! I should have first used a sponge cake recipe and rolled it while it cooled! Erin, back then kids had freedom and of course what mom didn’t know, didn’t hurt her. We didn’t have ‘stranger danger’ back then! LOL

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