I Cheated.

When someone gives you a gift, wrapped in a pretty box, sets it in front of you, tells you not to peek and leaves the room…do you peek?  I’m a peeker.  I admit it.  My potatoes in the garden are growing so well, but I worried that I was getting all growth on the top and nothing on the bottom.  I could not stand not knowing any longer…so I dug up one of the young plants…and there they were, in all their glory….the plant was loaded.  Pictured is the harvest from this one plant and there were numerous buds yet to come.  These potatoes are small, the size of a quarter to dime and oh so tender.  I am going to boil this tiny bounty, smother them in butter, salt and pepper….and……want….more.  LOL but I won’t.  I want to be eating my own potatoes from most of the winter and if I give in now, the cupboard will be bare when the snow flies.

more 018

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