At work, experimenting with quinoa flour.

This is my first attempt at using quinoa flour in bread.  This is my whole wheat, flax bread.  I substituted one cup of regular whole wheat with 1 cup of quinoa.  As I had read, the quinoa does make a heavier bread and the yeast didn’t rise as it normally does.  The quinoa loaves are quite small.  The flavour is okay, not changed much from the regular bread.  All in all, it will be good to occasionally make this bread, using less ‘starch’ and ‘more protein’ that quinoa provides.  In the fist picture this is my work station, actually this is the white bread dough, I did the whole wheat with quinoa right after this one.  You can see in the second picture that the bread is moister, denser and the third picture shows how much small the loaf with quinoa is. 

garden and stuff 002garden and stuff 006garden and stuff 005

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